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Thursday 2 September 2021

36 Weeks Pregnant - Getting ready for Baby Number 2

4 weeks left till my due date and I can't wait, if you read my last blog post about my pregnancy symptoms you will know that I have been through it, but recently I have two more symptoms to add to the list! Lightning crotch and lower belly pain.

Lightning Crotch is a sharp pain down there, its a massive shooting pain in my pelvic area, it can be caused by pressure of babies head on the cervix or the baby putting pressure on nerve endings around the pelvis. When I first looked it up it said that its the baby moving to the birth canal and I worried that the baby was on the way... however it also said this can occur weeks before you actually go into labour and then I felt a little bit better.Lower belly pain has been the worst, I am not actually able to walk or stand for more than a minute without getting a crippling pain in the lower belly, so for the last week I have been trying to take it easy and sit down and move as little as possible. I spoke to the midwife yesterday and all is ok, so no worries just taking it extremely easy for the next 4 weeks. Anyway enough of my complaining about being pregnant lets talk about how I am getting ready for baby number 2.

Emptying the Loft

I never planned on having another baby but I kept everything that Lilly had when she was a baby just because I could not bare to part with it, well good job I didn't get rid of it all. A few weeks ago I went into the loft and got everything down, I got the Play mat (Similar)Bouncer (Similar)Changing Table (Similar)Baby BathSnug SeatNext to Me Crib down along with some Toys, Sleep-suits, bodysuits, sleep bags and all her little outfits from 0 to 3 months.

What I have bought

Due to having kept so much there was not a lot of stuff that I had to buy but I had few bits that I needed to get which was wrong out with Lilly, I got a new Changing MatMuslin ClothsHealth Care KitBaby Pod, and Baby Monitor along with some bodysuits and a new sleep bag for a small baby, as Lilly only had blankets when she was newborn and looking back I wish I had got her a sleep bag.

Hospital Bag

Some may say a little bit early, but I wanted to get everything ready in good time, so my hospital bag is packed. My plan is to have a water birth, but you never know what will happen so I have packed incase I don't get my water birth like last time.

For Me

Bikini and Oversized Top for water Birth, I wanted a water birth with Lilly, but things did not go to plan so I have also packed a Lilac Oversized t-shirt Dress and Blue oversized T-shirt dress  incase I have to be moved to a bed, I was not prepared for this with Lilly and was naked while giving birth, not that I cared at the time but I wanted to be prepared this time. Night shirt to wear after having the baby, this one is oversized and also buttons up so easier for breast feeding. Dressing Gown and Slippers to wear around the hospital once had baby. Clothes for Home, I have some Maternity Leggings and a oversized Top. Disposable Underwear and maternity pads, most lists advise to take loads of knickers and maternity pads, but I prefer to just have disposable underwear and maternity pads for extra comfort. Toiletries bag which has Shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, razor, comb, hair brush, and hair ties and Lipbalm. Nursing Bra and breast pads for feeding the baby. Peri Bottle for keeping things clean down there and also helps when you use warm water when you have a wee after having a baby. Snacks and Drinks for me and Richard, Chocolate bars and Isotonic drinks to keep my energy levels up. Camera, Phone and chargers and money is what I will pack on the day of.

For Baby

Newborn Bodysuits and Sleep-suits and up to a Month Bodysuits and Sleep-suits, I taken new born and up to a month as Lilly was in up to a month when she was born as the newborn was too short for her. Size 0 nappies and 1 Nappies incase the baby is too big for size 0. Baby Wipes, I went for water wipes to start with. A Blanket, baby already got knitted a blanket from my Auntie Debra so this is what she will be coming home with. Muslin Cloths, just taking 3 or the new ones that I bought. Cardigan and Outfit for Home.

Baby Room

Well unfortunately the baby does not have a room yet, we have planning permission for the extension and hopefully work will be underway within the next few months. The baby is in the room with me for the first 6 months anyway, but it is very sad that the baby does not have a room that I can decorate and put all her stuff in one place, but it is what it is. So in that respect I am not ready at all, but the baby will be spread over my room and dressing room for a while until the extension is done.


I truly believe Lilly is going to be a brilliant big sister, she loves her dolls and is so soft and gentle with them (most of the time). She knows that baby sister is in my belly and all the toys and new things around the house are for baby sister, but when a new baby is actually here, I have no idea what she is gonna be like. I have bought her a little present from baby sister and gonna get her a few more little bits. The most important thing that I have to do is keep her as involved as possible and not to make her feel left out, I know its gonna be better when Richard is here as there will be two of us, so when I am with baby Richard can be with Lilly and visa versa, but when he goes back to work it will just be me, Lilly and the baby and up till then it has just been me and Lilly and she has had all my attention, I can do this!!

I am ready to go, well as ready as I can be. I have not been able to do much nesting due to the new pains that I have, hoping that will ease up and I can get some things tidy and sorted ready for when baby is here. In all honestly I do not feel mentally prepared because like I said to Richard it don't actually feel like I am having a baby in 4 weeks time, but I am!!


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