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Wednesday 12 August 2020

Get to know me


The Basics 

I am 32, I live with my partner Richard and we been together 13 years, living together just over 3. We have a little Girl called Lilly Vivian and she is 2 in December, we all have a spaniel called Tex who is 11. I have been Blogging since 2015, Youtube since 2017 and I started my Instagram at the beginning of the year.

Why I do what I do 

I love watching youtube videos and reading blogs and I was forever scrolling on instagram looking at how people put their outfits together, so I thought why not. I love creating content and sharing it and after having Lilly, not going back to work and with Richard working away most of the time, it just keeps my mind busy and gives me something to do in my spare time that I enjoy. 


I have been a avid shopper for a very long time and love buying clothes. Maybe I have taken it to the extreme over the years, but I think I have found a happy medium now, well until a Zara and Topshop sale pops up then I go rogue. I have always had a love for fashion since I worked at New Look and I enjoy putting an outfit together and now sharing them with Instagram. Like everyone my style has changed over the years, but I love to be comfy and most of the time keep it simple.


My love of photography is fairly recent, I like setting up photoshoots when I have the time and being a little creative. I must seem very vain but unfortunately I don't have anyone else to take photos of other than Lilly and she don't take direction too well. Most of the time I use my iPhone as its always to hand, but recently I have been trying to take more with my Canon Camera.


I am a stay at home mum and live with my partner, who works away so its just me and Lilly most of the time. I get out at the weekends (at the moment not so much). I start healthy eating every Monday and try my hardest to still be healthy eating on Wednesday. I am a planner and try be as organised as possible, not to worried if things don't go to plan. I love a list!


I would say I am a happy person and try to keep a smile on my face as much as possible, I get stressed and things get on top of me (I'm human) but I try to be positive. When it comes to big decisions I am very indecisive, but I am very impulsive when it comes to the small things.

What to Expect from Me

I upload to Instagram about 3 or 4 times a week, stories pretty much daily and I am loving the new Reels. I usually upload to Youtube 3 to 4 times a month, but I do Vlogmas every year (Vlogging every day from the 1st to 24th December) and this year I will also be doing Vlogtober (Vlogging everyday in October). I plan to upload at least once a week here.


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