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Friday 14 August 2020

How My Make up Routine has changed

As I get older I firmly believe that less is more, when it comes to my wardrobe, the house, what I do in my spare time and my make up regime and collection. I have never been one for a full face of make up but recently when I do wear make up it is the bare minimum. The reasons for this is time and as my skin gets older a lot of make up seems to make my skin look worse.

My skin is not at its best, since having Lilly my skin has been very problematic around my chin and mouth  (which is funny as when I was pregnant there was not a spot in sight). I know that the most important thing is the base, so my skincare routine has got a lot better of late, but I am still trying to find something that works for me.

My make up collection is steady at the moment with the stream of make up coming in from my subscription boxes. However what I buy now is a lot less than what I used to. I remember a time when I had every type of Mac foundation and a few high street ones and they would be used a couple of times and then have to be binned. Now I only purchase one high end foundation at a time and stick to Maybelline Fit Me.

My routine now is very basic, with using at least 3 products and at most 5. A normal day I would only really wear a little bit of foundation and Mascara and then fill in my brows. On a special day I would wear a little bit of eye shadow and small bit of contour and maybe a tinted lip balm.

At the moment I have Estee Lauder Double wear as my high end foundation and Maybelline Fit Me as my day to day. I am loving Nars Climax mascara and I am currently filling in my brows with an old Rimmel set, so I am looking to invest in a new Eyebrow Pencil. Eyeshadow I am using the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Suede at the moment, but you can't beat a Naked Palette. 



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